About Kohinoor Group

Crafting Homes, Building Connections

About Kohinoor Group: Crafting Dreams, Building Trust

Welcome to Kohinoor Group, a beacon of excellence in Pune’s real estate landscape for over four decades. Established in 1983 by the visionary Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Krishna Kumar Goyal, Kohinoor Group started its journey as a cement trading business. The foundations laid in those early years paved the way for a remarkable legacy that continues to shape the skyline of Pune today.

Kohinoor Group Evolution: From Trading to Transformation

The construction and development arm, Kohinoor Constructions, came into existence in 1989, marking the group’s transition into a full-fledged real estate powerhouse. Over the years, we have delivered over 9 million square feet of meticulously crafted spaces across Pune, with an additional 6.5 million square feet currently under development. Beyond real estate, our interests have diversified into Manufacturing, Logistics, and Services, reflecting a commitment to holistic growth.

Visionary Leadership : Learning from Japanese Excellence

Under the guidance of Mr. Krishnakumar Goyal and with inspiration from Japanese construction practices, every project undertaken in the last decade has been meticulously planned before breaking ground. This commitment to thoughtful planning extends to residential and commercial properties alike, ensuring that the needs and desires of our customers take center stage in every decision we make.

Kohinoor Group Philosophy : Sada Sukhi Raho: A Timeless Promise

At Kohinoor, customer happiness is not just a goal; it’s our guiding philosophy encapsulated in the promise of “Sada Sukhi Raho,”  a timeless blessing in India. This commitment goes beyond construction, encompassing every step of our customer’s journey. From providing seamless assistance in the sales procedure to offering free maintenance on all our projects, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring enduring satisfaction.

Kohinoor Group CARE Values: Foundation of Trust, Integrity, and Transparency

Our journey of 40 years, delivering 9 million square feet across 45 projects in Pune, is anchored in our CARE values: customer-centric approach, Accountability, Reliability, and Excellence. These values form the bedrock of our matchless legacy, fostering a thriving relationship with over 10,000 happy families. Kohinoor Group stands as a trusted name, built on the pillars of trust, integrity, and transparency.

40 Years of Matchless Legacy | 9 Million Square Feet Delivered | 45 Projects Across Pune | 10,000 Happy Families

Join us as we celebrate four decades of excellence at Kohinoor Group, where we craft dreams and build trust. Your journey to a brighter future begins here.

Our Core Values: Guiding Principles that Define Kohinoor Group

At Kohinoor Group, our success is not just measured in square feet but in the enduring values that steer every decision and action. Our commitment to excellence is encapsulated in a set of core values that form the bedrock of our organizational ethos.

  1. Agility: Pioneering Innovation

    • We thrive in a dynamic environment, embracing change as an opportunity for growth.
    • As innovative trendsetters, we adapt swiftly, ensuring our projects stay at the forefront of industry advancements.
  2. Celebrate: Joy in Achievements

    • Our workplace is a celebration of passion and dedication.
    • We take pleasure in each other’s successes, fostering a vibrant and supportive community within Kohinoor.
  3. Commitment: Walking the Talk

    • We don’t just make promises; we deliver on them.
    • Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every project, ensuring that our actions align with our words.
  4. Customer First: Delighting Our Patrons

    • Customer delight is not a goal; it’s our unwavering commitment.
    • We prioritize the needs and aspirations of our customers, going above and beyond to create spaces that bring joy and satisfaction.
  5. Excel and Improve: Striving for Perfection

    • Excellence is our benchmark in everything we undertake.
    • We constantly seek improvement, challenging ourselves to surpass expectations and set new standards within the industry.
  6. Humility: A Foundation of Strength

    • Despite our achievements, we remain humble and grounded.
    • Our success is rooted in self-assurance, allowing us to approach challenges with grace and humility.
  7. Relationships: Nurturing Long-Term Bonds

    • We are architects of enduring relationships, not just structures.
    • With सदा सुखी (Sada Sukhi) as our mantra, we work towards the lasting happiness of all stakeholders, fostering connections that stand the test of time.


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Our Vision: Building Trust, Creating Homes

At Kohinoor Group, our vision is clear – to stand as the most trusted and dependable provider of real estate solutions. We aspire to redefine the benchmarks of reliability in the industry, crafting homes that not only meet expectations but exceed them. Join us on this journey of trust, where every brick laid is a testament to our unwavering commitment to building a future where dreams find their true home.

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